Director, Operations and Business Development

Shuko Ogawa is Director for Operations and Business Development at Northrop Grumman Japan, where she is responsible for facilitating the execution of ongoing programs and supporting promotion of new products and capabilities in Japan.
Before joining Northrop Grumman in April 2020, Shuko served for 15 years as a civilian policymaker in the Ministry of Defense of Japan. She was responsible for issues ranging from JSDF’s overseas operations to cross-service defense planning in the Joint Staff Office and Internal Bureau Defense Programming and Planning Division, among other postings. She has also been seconded to the Security Export Control Policy Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and to the Embassy of Japan in China.
Shuko holds a BA in Government and MA in Regional Studies—East Asia from Harvard University, as well as a double master’s degree in international relations from Peking University and LSE. She is a native speaker of Japanese and English, and is also fluent in Chinese.

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